Inaugural Global Supply Chain Forum gets funding boost from Canada

09 April 2024

Set for 21 to 24 May, the forum seeks to forge more sustainable and resilient global production and distribution networks facing unprecedented challenges.

Tanjong Pagar Terminal, Singapore.
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Canada has contributed funds to bolster the first-ever Global Supply Chain Forum, which UN Trade and Development (UNCTAD) will host with Barbados between 21 and 24 May in the nation’s capital Bridgetown.

The contribution underscores Canada’s ongoing support to UN Trade and Development in promoting economic prosperity and inclusivity worldwide.

It also strengthens the bilateral partnership to address global challenges related to trade facilitation, sustainable development, and resilience in supply chain management.

Why the world needs stronger supply chains

The upcoming forum will tackle challenges facing the transport and supply chain sectors – from geopolitical tensions to climate-related disruptions – and their impact on trade and sustainable development.

Global supply chains, vital for producing and distributing goods ranging from cars to clothes, foods and medicines, are under unprecedented strain.

Recent attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea, along with turmoil in the Black Sea from the war in Ukraine, and the impact of drought-induced dwindling water levels in the Panama Canal, have led to a complex crisis affecting key trade routes.

Against this backdrop, the first-ever Global Supply Chain Forum will drive innovative solutions for building greener and more efficient and resilient global production and distribution networks.

The biennial event aims to transform trade opportunities into shared development gains, especially for vulnerable economies, including least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing states.

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