The third COMPAL Annual Conference finalized with success in Lima, Peru

22 June 2012

Delegates from the 12 member countries of COMPAL gathered in Lima, Peru from 20 to 22 June 2012 in order to review the progress made in all COMPAL projects and to agree the activities for the last year of COMPAL II, ending June 2013.

In the context of ambiguous economic growth in Latin American countries, particularly in the case of Central American and Western South American countries, the commitment and support towards competition and consumer protection measures to increase market efficiency and consumer welfare were discussed amongst these countries.

Heads of more than 8 agencies in competition and consumer protection issues were part of the Annual Conference as well as Mr. Rafael Corazza, Director of the Swiss Competition Commission Secretariat (COMCO) and Mr. Christian Robin, Head of SECO Cooperation in Peru. In addition, Ambassador Guillermo Valles, Director of the UNCTAD Division of Trade, closed the meeting together with Dr. Hebert Tassano Velaochaga the Head of INDECOPI.

Ten members of the Advisory Group of Experts (AGE) of COMPAL II attended the meeting, providing in-depth expertise to carry out the programmes and activities of the COMPAL Programme.