Twentieth UNCTAD-OECD Report on G20 Investment Measures released

22 November 2018

The joint UNCTAD-OECD Report indicates that the 5-month reporting period (from mid-May 2018 to mid-October 2018) shows a low number of investment policy measures. This finding stands in contrast to the tense trade policy environment.

During the reporting period, six G20 Members - Australia, Canada, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa - have taken measures that are specific to FDI. Some of these measures liberalised foreign investment (relaxations in air transport in Canada and new negative lists issued by China that reduce the number of sectors in which restrictions for foreign investors apply).

In some other cases, specific investment regulations were clarified (India) or bureaucratic burden diminished (Indonesia). In Australia, levies were increased for real-estate acquisitions or ownership by foreigners. In South Africa, the new Promotion of Investment Act came into effect, with the objective to substitute investment treaty protection by national legislation.

In contrast, G20 Members paid significant attention to investment policies related to national security concerns, continuing a trend in and beyond G20 Membership in the past year. During the reporting period, three G20 Members - Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States - changed their investment policies related to national security while further policy changes are planned in France, the United Kingdom and the European Union.