UNCTAD supports WAEMU member States’ reform of regional competition framework

22 October 2012

As part of a project on reforming the regional competition framework, the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) Commission and UNCTAD’s Competition and Consumer Policies Branch have recently jointly supported national consultation seminars, in Burkina Faso on 5 October and in Senegal on 9 October.

The seminars aimed to gather opinions on the proposed reforms from relevant stakeholders working in the area of competition law and policy. Approximately 75 participants in each country, from administrative, legal, professional and academic institutions and consumers’ associations, analysed the various options for reform and tried to conceptualize a national position.

The event in the two pilot countries was considered a success. It will therefore now be duplicated in Niger (29–30 October), Côte d’Ivoire (8–9 November), Togo (13–14 November) and Benin (15–16 November). These consultations will be held as part of the joint project on building capacities in competition law and policy signed by WAEMU and UNCTAD in 2011.

The project is planned to last for three years.