UN event and project to foster green industrialization in Turkey

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UN event and project to foster green industrialization in Turkey

Geneva, Switzerland, 23 May 2022

The UN’s trade and development body, UNCTAD, will bring together leading economists and experts on 26 May to discuss the policies and actions needed to achieve green industrialization in Turkey. It will also launch a regional project to support Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey to achieve resilient, green and transformative development.

WHAT: Panel discussion on obstacles and opportunities for green industrialization in Turkey and launch of a project on integrated policy strategies and regional policy coordination for resilient, green and transformative development.

WHEN: 26 May 2022. The event will be held in person. Journalists are invited to cover the event.

WHERE: Istanbul Kadir Has University, Galata Room.

WHO: Speakers will include Richard Kozul-Wright, Director of Globalization and Development Strategies at UNCTAD, Robert Pollin, Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the United States, Bahar Güçlü, Deputy Director General, International Agreements and European Union, Ministry of Trade, Republic of Turkey, and Safdar Sohail, Dean, National Institute of Public Policy, Pakistan.

WHY: Even though Turkey’s per capita emission is below the G20 average, the country is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases (or the 20th in the world), with the emissions increasing at high rates in recent years. But Turkey has a very strong potential to transition to renewable energy, especially wind and geothermal power.

To embark on a green industrialization path, like other developing countries, Turkey needs to overcome macroeconomic and structural challenges.

UNCTAD, in collaboration with Kadir Has University of Istanbul will launch the integrated policy strategies project aimed at supporting Turkey in achieving green industrialization by conducting a detailed macro-economic analysis of its binding constraints and determining pathways for a green, sustainable and resilient economy.



UNCTAD is the UN trade and development body. It supports developing countries to access the benefits of a globalized economy more fairly and effectively and equips them to deal with the potential drawbacks of greater economic integration.

It provides analysis, facilitates consensus-building and offers technical assistance to help developing countries use trade, investment, finance and technology as vehicles for inclusive and sustainable development.


For further information or to request interviews with UNCTAD experts, please contact Dan Teng’o, +41 22 917 8033, dan.tengo@un.org or Gul Unal +41 76 691 1072, gul.unal@un.org.