Angola: Report on the multistakeholder dialogue of the elaboration of the national entrepreneurship policy

The workshop "1st Methodological meeting on the elaboration of the National Entrepreneurship Policy", was held at the National School of Administration and Public Policy in Luanda, Angola, on 24 February 2023.

It was organized by UNCTAD and the Angolan National Institute for Support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the context of the component of Entrepreneurship Development of the "Train For Trade II" programme funded by the European Union.

The objective was to have a multistakeholder dialogue that would serve as a contribution to the design of a National Strategy on Entrepreneurship by the government of Angola. It aimed at identifying the main difficulties that entrepreneurs currently face in the country and proposing measures to alleviate them.

The workshop addressed the theme of entrepreneurship and its promotion based on the UNCTAD Entrepreneurship Policy Framework methodology and its five pillars:

  1. Optimizing the Regulatory Environment
  2. Improving Education for Entrepreneurship and Skills Development
  3. Facilitating Technological Exchange and Innovation
  4. Improving Access to Finance
  5. Promoting Awareness and Networking

It brought together officials from various ministries, public institutions, representatives of the private sector and civil society, as well as international organizations such as the European Union, United Nations Development Programme, the International Finance Corporation and UNCTAD.

The meeting was attended by over 50 people (see Annex 1 with the list of participants), of whom 24 were women (48%).

The workshop should be considered in conjunction with the report mapping the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country that was conducted by UNCTAD in 2019.

This report was produced under the EU–UNCTAD Joint Programme for Angola: Train for Trade II with the financial support of the European Union.

(UNCTAD/TCS/DIAE/INF/2024/1) -  27 Mar 2024