ASYCUDA Report 2022/2023

Accelerating climate smart trade facilitation

UNCTAD’s largest technical cooperation programme, ASYCUDA, provides user countries with sophisticated IT systems and capacity building to cut red tape and promote trade facilitation, while at the same time advancing environmental sustainability. Harnessing digital technologies is becoming ever more critical in tackling the effects of climate change, which continues to signifi cantly disrupt supply chains, impacting global trade and local economies.

The United Nations, through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has defi ned measurable targets for member States to assess their transition to a green economy. However, the most vulnerable countries are facing a tougher burden from the climate crisis, and lagging behind the transition to a green economy due to a lack of fi nancial and technological resources. ASYCUDA is working with governments and other stakeholders to ensure that trade is part of the solution, and the green transition is just and fair.

ASYCUDA’s automated tools include the customs management software, ASYCUDAWorld; its bespoke electronic Single Windows for trade; ASYREC for the expedited relief of emergency consignments; and eCITES for managing the international trade in endangered species, to mention just a few. Today, ASYCUDA is operational in 102 countries and territories, including 38 least developed countries, 23 landlocked developing countries and 41 small island developing states.

ASYCUDA systems help governments to increase public revenues, reduce corruption and ease trade, while eliminating the use of paper, promoting green transport and improving supply chain effi ciency. The results on the ground show that the adoption of digital tools developed by ASYCUDA has accelerated climate smart trade and contributed to achieving the SDGs.

This report highlights ASYCUDA’s progress during 2022/23 and presents its work through a green developmental lens. It is intended for ASYCUDA benefi ciary countries and territories; donors; development partners; and trade and environment-focused organizations. It will also be useful to those interested in customs reform, trade facilitation and sustainable development.

Shamika N. Sirimanne
Director, Division on Technology and Logistics

ASYCUDA Report 2022/2023 - Accelerating climate smart trade facilitation  (UNCTAD/DTL/ASYCUDA/2023/1)
12 Dec 2023