ASYCUDAWorld: COVID-19 survey - Guidelines to customs administrations

Summary report 2021

The fully automated environment provided by ASYCUDAWorld (AW) affords Customs, cross-border agencies and traders with the capacity to electronically submit and exchange data and documentation and computerize procedures. This enables the expediting of the clearance of imports, exports, transit trade and other trade transactions, thereby greatly reducing the need for face-to-face interaction.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to significantly affect all the facets of the international trade supply chain as well as the way the activities of the AW Implementation Project are conducted worldwide. Since March 2020, the global supply chains have been experiencing significant disruptions, including through reductions in trade volumes, declines in foreign direct investment, lower consumer goods demand, a reduction in commodity prices, and general economic decline in particular for vulnerable developing countries. The UNCTAD is fully committed to continue supporting partner countries to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and recover strongly from the pandemic.

The ASYCUDA COVID-19 Customs Administration Survey was launched by UNCTAD to rapidly gather data in assessing the current conditions in the Customs Administrations, to facilitate the implementation of UNCTAD guidelines for coping with COVID-19 measures. This summary analyses data collected in 2020.

ASYCUDAWorld: COVID-19 survey - Guidelines to customs administrations - Summary report 2021  (UNCTAD/DTL/ASYCUDA/INF/2021/2)
19 Oct 2021