Integrating a gender perspective into trade facilitation reforms

UNCTAD Policy Brief No. 98

Women cross-border traders face significant challenges, including time constraints, costs of burdensome procedures, discrimination and harassment at borders.

Despite multilateral calls to address those issues and to make trade policies gender-responsive, notably the Revised Buenos Aires Declaration, limited progress has been made on gender equality in trade.

This policy brief outlines key gender-based barriers for women traders and provides 10+1 policy recommendations to address them.

Key points:

  • Women face gender-based barriers at borders that should be addressed through gender-responsive trade facilitation measures.

  • UNCTAD recommends implementing the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) with a gender perspective to maximize benefits for women involved in formal and informal trade.

  • UNCTAD recommends that national trade facilitation committees (NTFCs) become gender-sensitive bodies that advocate for gender mainstreaming in trade facilitation reforms, and propose measures for women traders.

Integrating a gender perspective into trade facilitation reforms - UNCTAD Policy Brief No. 98  (UNCTAD/PRESS/PB/2022/6)
8 Mar 2022