Report on the Implementation of the Investment Policy Review of Ecuador

The Investment Policy Review (IPR), published by UNCTAD in 2001, analyzed the main bottlenecks to competitiveness, which impeded the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI) and the diversification of the economy in Ecuador.

It also aimed at increasing the long-term benefits derived from FDI. In addition to improving the regulatory framework for FDI and establishing investment promotion programmes, the IPR recommended to foster infrastructure development and support the local private sector, including through the strengthening of innovation and skills.

Since the completion of the Review, UNCTAD provided assistance to the country through policy advice and training workshops on issues related to investment promotion, governance, image building and investor aftercare.

In 2020, the Government of Ecuador requested additional technical assistance on investment policies, including an assessment on how the implementation of the IPR recommendations had contributed to improve the investment environment and what actions should to be taken to further strengthen it.

This report summarizes the progress made and provides recommendations for additional investment policy reforms to support the country’s objectives and foster sustainable development.

(UNCTAD/ITE/IPC/Misc.2) -  31 Jan 2001