Report on the implementation of the Investment Policy Review of The Gambia

The Investment Policy Review (IPR) of the Gambia was published in 2017. It provided an analysis of the investment strategic, legal and institutional framework and recommendations to enhance it. It also developed a strategy to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) in priority sectors.

The IPR provides concrete and tailored recommendations with the aim of improving an economy’s or region’s investment climate, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and national development goals. Reports to assess the implementation of the recommendations are produced a few years after the publication of the IPR at the request of the beneficiary country. They aim to identify additional technical assistance needs and suggest recommendations to assist countries in strengthening further their investment framework and business environment.

In 2023, the Government of the Gambia requested UNCTAD to assess the implementation of the IPR recommendations and chart a way forward to further improve the investment and business environment.

This report thus analyses progress made to strengthen the investment climate and highlights additional actions based on the Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development (IPFSD) (UNCTAD, 2015) to support the achievement of the country’s 2023–2027 Recovery-Focused National Development Plan and the SDG.

(UNCTAD/DIAE/PCB/2017/5) -  03 Oct 2017