Transnational Corporations Volume 28, 2021, Number 2


  • Eliane Choquette, Stine Jessen Haakonsson, Peter D. Ørberg Jensen and Søren Feodor Nielsen
    Globalization of innovation: the moderating role of project-level investment strategy and country type in location choice for R&D-related FDI
  • David B. Audretsch, Maksim Belitski, Farzana Chowdhury and Sameeksha Desai
    Home-country export regulations, credit markets, and corruption: implications for different types of internationalization
  • Stefano Elia, Luciano Fratocchi, Paolo Barbieri, Albachiara Boffelli and Matteo Kalchschmidt
    Post-pandemic reconfiguration from global to domestic and regional value chains: the role of industrial policies
  • Author: Eman Moustafa
    The relationship between perceived corruption and FDI: a longitudinal study in the context of Egypt
  • Stephen R. Buzdugan
    The global governance of FDI and the non-market strategies of TNCs: explaining the “backlash” against bilateral investment treaties