The least developed countries report

This annual report provides a comprehensive and authoritative source of socio-economic analysis and data on the world´s most impoverished countries.

It is intended for a broad readership of governments, policy makers, researchers and all those involved with LDCs´ development policies.



The Least Developed Countries Report 2023
Crisis-resilient development finance
UNCTAD/LDC/2023 - 07 Nov 2023
The Least Developed Countries Report 2022
The low-carbon transition and its daunting implications for structural transformation
UNCTAD/LDC/2022 - 03 Nov 2022
The Least Developed Countries Report 2021
The least developed countries in the post-COVID world: Learning from 50 years of experience
UNCTAD/LDC/2021 - 27 Sep 2021