Transnational Corporations Volume 27, 2020, Number 3

Special issue on Multinational Enterprises and Gender Equality


  • Jennifer P. Poole, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino and James X. Zhan
    Introduction to the Transnational Corporations special issue on multinational enterprises and gender equality
  • Karol Fernández Delgado
    Foreign acquisitions and female employment in manufacturing firms: an empirical analysis for Chile
  • Shruti Sharma
    The impact of foreign direct investment on gender inequality in India
  • Alessandra L. González
    Insider’s advantage: when foreign firms do not capture opportunity in the local labour market
  • Victor Stolzenburg, Marianne Matthee, Caro Janse van Rensburg and Carli Bezuidenhout
    Foreign direct investment and gender inequality: evidence from South Africa
  • Ana M. Fernandes and Hiau Looi Kee
    Women empowerment, supply chain linkages and FDI: evidence from Bangladesh
  • Anh Pham, Jennifer P. Poole and Amelia U. Santos-Paulino
    Foreign investment and female employment in Viet Nam
  • Austin Davis and Jennifer P. Poole
    Can multinational firms promote gender equality? The role of labour mobility
  • Renata Vargas Amaral and Lillyana Daza Jaller
    The role of regulation and MNEs in ensuring equal opportunities for women


  • Henri Luomaranta, Fernando Cantu, Steve MacFeely and Anu Peltola
    The role of multinational and trading enterprises in employment and the gender pay gap: evidence from Finland
Transnational Corporations Volume 27, 2020, Number 3 - Special issue on Multinational Enterprises and Gender Equality  (UNCTAD/DIAE/IA/2020/3)
18 Dec 2020