Transnational Corporations Volume 28, 2021, Number 1


  • Lilac Nachum, Grigorios Livanis and Hyokyoung Grace Hong
    When near is far and far is near: physical and constructed dimensions of geography and their implications for inward FDI performance

  • Alex Cobham, Petr Janský, Chris Jones and Yama Temouri
    An evaluation of the effects of the European Commission's proposals for the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base

  • Yuanyuan Li and John Cantwell
    Rapid FDI of emerging market firms: foreign participation and leapfrogging in the establishment chain

  • Ricardo Monge-González, Luis Rivera and Nanno Mulder Cultural spillovers from multinational to domestic firms: evidence on female employment in Costa Rica


  • Nina Vujanovic, Bruno Casella and Richard Bolwijn
    Forecasting global FDI: a panel data approach