Working group on consumer protection in e-commerce

At its second session in 2017, the Intergovernmental group of experts on consumer protection law and policy requested the UNCTAD secretariat to convene a working group on consumer protection in e-commerce to highlight best practices, to facilitate information exchange and consultations, and to continue the work of the Group, led by member States on a voluntary basis, without financial implications for the regular budget of the United Nations, and to report to the third session of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts. It reports to the following annual session of the Intergovernmental group of experts, which have renewed its mandate since.

The Working Group meets regularly and informally through teleconferences and is open Government representatives, with relevant expertise (for example national consumer protection authorities); interested international organizations and networks; and relevant stakeholders from civil society and academia.

Some key outputs delivered by the Working Group are:


Events and meetings

Working group on consumer protection in e-commerce


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