Science, technology and innovation efforts to address COVID19

The transfer of knowledge, skills and solutions in the science and technology fields can have a profound and lasting impact on the development trajectories of nations and peoples.

The world cannot develop or advance - nor can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals - without modern technology and new solutions to old problems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the pressing need for countries to focus more on elevating science, technology and innovation (STI) in both policy and practical terms. But the coronavirus pandemic also drives leaders to ensure that the development benefits of STI translate directly into the daily lives of people all over the world.

We need more research, collaboration, data and knowledge sharing to cope with the immediate impacts of the coronavirus crisis and go beyond it.

Science, technology and innovation  

More than ever, we need a multilateral approach to ensuring the STI serves both strategic and development ends. This is the goal of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD), the UN's focal point on science, technology and innovation.

This micro-site collects and centralizes news, analysis, and information on several country-level STI responses to COVID-19, prioritizing policy solutions and other fixes that ensure science, technology and innovation are deployed for the good of all.



 UN to explore role of science and technology policies in COVID-19 recovery
International collaboration in science, technology and innovation are pegged to drive sustainable development, but policy needs to ensure this is so.
 UN call for technology solutions for tackling COVID-19 and its impacts
Submit proven, affordable and scalable solutions that can accelerate progress towards providing basic health functions, especially for vulnerable people. The deadline is 20 May.



Contribution by Oman (CSTD/Covid-19/25)
Contribution by Japan (CSTD/Covid-19/22)
Contribution by Finland (CSTD/Covid-19/20)
Contribution by Panama (CSTD/Covid-19/21)
Contribution by Ethiopia (CSTD/Covid-19/12)
Contribution by Georgia (CSTD/Covid-19/08)
Contribution by Mexico (CSTD/Covid-19/09)
Contribution by Turkey (CSTD/Covid-19/11)
Contribution by Austria (CSTD/Covid-19/06)
Contribution by Belgium (CSTD/Covid-19/01)
Contribution by Brazil (CSTD/Covid-19/02)
Contribution by Latvia (CSTD/Covid-19/04)
Contribution by Portugal (CSTD/Covid-19/07)
Contribution by South Africa (CSTD/Covid-19/03)

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