Multi year, multi donor trust fund: Capacity-building in trade and gender

The objective of the projects is to increase the availability of original awareness-raising materials on trade and gender for developing/transition country stakeholders interested in mainstreaming gender in trade policy formulation and implementation.

The project allowed the development of teaching material on trade and gender, including a two-volume teaching manual that provides an up-to-date learning resource on trade and gender issues to all stakeholders - researchers, policy-makers and civil society representatives - involved in research, policy formulation and advocacy in this area, and the development of an online course based on Volume 1 of the manual and the delivery of two iterations of the course; the development and delivery of a regional professional workshop on trade and gender for academics from least developed and lower-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa; and three mentored research projects on trade and gender in Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana.

New activities under the project includes the "localization" of the teaching material to the COMESA region: the trade and gender course and supporting materials have been customized to the particular circumstances and conditions in the COMESA region.

The regionally-tailored online course will be delivered during the first quarter of 2017 to officers of the COMESA secretariat, COMESA policymakers and other stakeholders in the region; a Trade and Gender Toolbox aimed at providing policymakers and other stakeholders with the necessary tools to apprehend the impact of trade policies on gender outcomes. The toolbox comprises a set of ready-to-use tools to perform an ex-ante gender impact assessment of trade policies in addition to the computation of a "Trade and Gender index" to track progress over time.


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