UNCTAD-TMEA Project - Trade and Gender in East Africa

The main outputs of the project are

  1. analytical activities leading to the preparation of a report on the state of women in trade in East Africa. The report will focus on the trends on women's participation in trade in terms of value and volumes and of the factors behind it and will explore the gender impacts of economic reforms, trade facilitation and trade policy;

  2. the development of an advocacy strategy to map stakeholders, targets and possible activities to undertake within the EAC region with a view to guide TMEA and/or selected local partner institutions to influence policymakers in the formulation of gender-sensitive policies;

  3. the customization of UNCTAD trade and gender online course and supporting materials to the particular circumstances and conditions in the East Africa region and the delivery of the regionally-tailored course to TMEA national and regional partners as well as EAC policymakers and other stakeholders in the region.

The objective of this distance learning initiative is to equip academics, government officials and civil society with analytical tools to analyze the two-way relationship between trade and gender, and to produce gender-aware policy recommendations.


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