Trade Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Development
Trade Policy for sustainable and inclusive development 

International trade is an engine for economic growth that can contribute to promoting sustainable development. It can be a powerful force for creating jobs, fostering efficient use of resources, stimulating entrepreneurship and ultimately lifting people out of poverty.

Although trade can contribute to development, many developing countries face challenges to make sure trade contributes to development. This is because they have limited capacity to analyze the relationship between trade, productive capacity and employment, assess policy options and formulate and implement adequate national trade policy frameworks. This hampers their ability to make full use of the transformative power of trade for development.

The aim of UNCTAD work in this area is to contribute to the (re)formulation and implementation of national trade policy regimes according a country's own development priorities and needs. Research and training activities provide the tools to policymakers in developing countries and transition economies that enable them to set their own priorities, make impact assessments of different policy options and devise the best actions, including at the sectoral level.



24 January 2020Fair trade enterprises spread benefits through value chains
20 June 2018The Costs of Trade War
14 March 2017Building trust and confidence for a successful digital economic era
05 August 2016Trade Directors and experts on trade policy formulation meet at UNCTAD 14
Flag of Zambia
21 June 2016Zambia upgrades its trade policy
Flog of Botswana
04 April 2016New Trade Policy Framework for Botswana
28 September 2015Algeria prepares Trade Policy Framework with UNCTAD assistance
Flag of Dom Rep
10 September 2015Dominican Republic prepares Trade Policy Framework with UNCTAD assistance
11 February 2015Trade Policy Framework for Jamaica: UNCTAD supports Jamaica in improving trade performance and mainstream trade in its development strategy
21 October 2014Angola prepares Trade Policy Framework with assistance of UNCTAD


 Documents and Publications

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Cadre de politique commerciale: Algerie (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2015/7)
Trade Policy Framework: Panama (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2016/3)
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Trade Policy Framework: Botswana (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2016/1)
Trade Policy Framework: Namibia (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2016/2)
Trade Policy Framework: Angola (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2015/5)
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