Data, Statistics and Trends in International Trade

TAB_Statistics_350x242.jpgUNCTAD collect, manage and disseminate data, statistics and trends in international trade and trade policy

Key Statistics and Trends

The Key Statistics and Trends series, produced annually, provides statistical analysis related to trade policy measures, e.g. customs tariffs, tariff preferences, trade agreements, non-tariff measures and trade defense measures, and trade follows.

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Data on Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs)

UNCTAD systematically collects data and information on NTMs at the country level, in collaboration with other agencies such as the African Development Bank (AfDB), the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the World Bank under the Transparency in Trade (TNT) Initiative.

Quick link: NTM data


Database and Analytical Tools

UNCTAD maintains, improves and makes available the following web-based databases and tools for trade policy analysis.

Trade Analysis and Information System (TRAINS)

World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) - Developed in collaboration with World Bank

World Tariff Profiles - Developed in collaboration with World Trade Organisation (WTO) and International Traed Centre (ITC)


Texts of Trade Agreements (ToTA)

In collaboration with researchers from The Graduate Institute, University of Ottawa and European University at St. Petersburg, UNCTAD has prepared a repository of trade agreement texts in HTML format.

The project makes a machine-readable and annotated full text corpus of preferential trade agreements publicly available to scholars and policy-makers and uses state-of-the-art text-as-data techniques to analyze it.

Quick link: The Texts of Trade Agreements (ToTA) project

Download: Text-as-data analysis of preferential trade agreements: Mapping the Preferential Trade Agreements landscape


Trade-related Indices

UNCTAD develops trade-related indices in support of trade analysis.


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