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The objective of this site is to provide a resource center for issues relating to sovereign debt for policy makers, debt managers, researchers, members of civil society and other stakeholders.

The site will contain information on UNCTAD's work at the national and international level in addition to links to sources of data, news, and opinions relating to sovereign debt.



26 October 2016Sovereign debt crises more likely, new mechanisms needed
10th Debt Conference
23 November 2015Experts meet to examine debt management in an increasingly unstable global economy
TDB 62nd session
25 September 2015Debt sustainability takes centre stage at Trade and Development Board
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11 September 2015United Nations General Assembly adopts basic principles on sovereign debt restructuring
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09 September 2015United Nations General Assembly to vote on debt restructuring principles
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UNCTAD's work on Debt
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UNCTAD is the focal point within the UN system for the integrated treatment of debt issues.
Through its Debt and Development Finance Branch, it engages in research and policy analysis, consensus building and in technical assistance in areas relating to debt and ODA.

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