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International Report Briefing - Circular Economy in India: Rethinking Growth for Long Term Prosperity
12 December 2016
Palais des Nations, Salle XII
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues


Report Overview

In a context characterised by unprecedented economic dynamism and rapidly urbanising population, India stands at the threshold of profound choices about the path to future development. In an interconnected world predicated largely on a linear economic model, India’s development faces resource challenges and negative externalities – yet this scenario is not inevitable, and many opportunities can be derived from adopting a value-preserving model.

Taking these factors into account this report specifically looks at the opportunities that a circular economy can bring to India.

The report offers insights based on extensive desk research, expert interviews and expert input events in India with participants from businesses, government, universities, NGOs and other organisations. UNCTAD contributed to the report as a knowledge partner.

A high-level economic analysis has been carried out to show potential benefits of following a circular development path for the Indian economy, environment and citizens. The research has developed detailed circular ecomony opportunities in three focus areas: cities and construction; food and agriculture; and mobility and vehicle manufacturing.

Event Overview

ditc-ted-12122016-india-visuel1.jpgThe Ellen MacArthur Foundation is delighted to share the insights of this latest work.

A half-day event on 12 December in Geneva will take place in partnership with UNCTAD, inviting the international community, experts that have contributed to the report as well as other stakeholders from across public and private sectors to attend.

Speakers from the UN community as well as external speakers will be invited to share their reflections on the report and there will be a briefing on key insights along with high-level results of the benefits quantification.

An opportunity will be provided to ask questions and to join us afterwards for a lunch reception.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation was created in 2010 to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

The Foundation's work focuses on four areas: insight and analysis, business and government, education and training, and communication.

With Knowledge Partner, McKinsey & Company, the Foundation works to quantify the economic potential of the circular model and to develop approaches for capturing this value.

The Foundation collaborates with Global Partners and its Circular Economy 100 network (businesses, governments and cities), to develop circular business initiatives and build capacity.

The Foundation is creating a global teaching and learning platform on the circular economy, encompassing work with leading universities, schools and colleges, and online events such as the Disruptive Innovation Festival.


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