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2nd Empretec Training Workshop
15 - 20 October 2018
Rede de Mediatecas de Angola (ReMA)
Luanda, Angola

Key Issues

​Diversification of the economy into non-oil sectors involves integral attention to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) so that they are able to grow and allow Angola to compete in the global economy. Enterprise development encompasses multiple factors, including the ability of enterprises to attract investment capital and to participate in mutually beneficial business linkages with multinational enterprises.

As part of the training activities of the EU-UNCTAD joint Programme of Support for Angola: Train for Trade II, the Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW) is a core element of UNCTAD's Empretec programme. The behavioural approach aims at developing entrepreneurship as a set of specific competencies and practices that can be observed, recognized, applied and acquired by entrepreneurs in their daily lives. By fostering participants' motivation and self-confidence, the ETW manages to show entrepreneurs the difference between merely running a business and building a successful growth-oriented enterprise.

Target groups shall include established and aspiring MSME entrepreneurs, women, youth, MSME local suppliers, creative industries, representatives of regulators, donor and public sector, responsible for MSMEs and social development and other groups which are regarded as priority groups by national authorities. About 70% of participants are required to have entrepreneurship experience.


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Co-organized with:Government of Angola and the European Union in Angola
Sponsor / funding:European Union
Mr. Adelino Muxito
Mr. Lorenzo Tosini
Ms. Tamara Gregol
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