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Workshop on Asset and Liability Management
30 September - 03 October 2013
Centre for African Public Debt Management and Bond Markets,
Midrand, South Africa

Key Issues

​UNCTAD, jointly with The National Treasury of South Africa and MEFMI, will organize a Regional Training Workshop on "Asset and Liability Management" to be held in Midrand, South Africa from 30 September to 3 October 2013.

The aim of the workshop is to show how a sovereign ALM approach can be implemented by presenting the experience of the National Treasury of South Africa.  The workshop will highlight the benefits of the ALM approach for sovereigns, and will discuss the problems that arise in carrying out such an approach as well as the solutions that the National Treasury of South Africa has devised. The training is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Debt Management Offices (DMOs) in the region to manage the public debt within an ALM framework.
The workshop is organized as one of the activities of the UNCTAD Development Account project "Strengthening Capacity for Effective Asset and Liability Management in National Debt Management Offices".  The objective of the project is to strengthen the institutional capacity at the national level in developing countries from the Africa and Latin America and Caribbean regions to manage their public debt and developing the capacity to move to a debt management approach based on an integrated ALM framework.
For futher information please contact Alessandro Missale (Alessandro.Missale(at)unctad.org)




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Co-organized with:National Treasury of South Africa and MEFMI
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