African Regional Partnership for Sustainability and SDG Reporting (ARP)

African Regional Partnership for Sustainability and SDG Reporting (ARP)

The African Regional Partnership for Sustainability and SDG Reporting (ARP) was launched in January 2022 during the African Regional Workshop for Sustainability Reporting organized by UNCTAD that gathered 400 stakeholders from 26 African countries to promote collaboration for developing enabling policies for sustainability reporting in order to achieve comparability of data on the contribution of the private sector to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the region.


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Terms of Reference



Objectives of the Partnership

The Partnership acts as a bridge for sharing knowledge among African countries, as well as between the African region and international organisations in the field of sustainability reporting. The Partnership promotes mutual support among countries in their efforts to achieve the development of national strategies and policies to:

Objectives of the Partnership

The ARP’s Executive Committee

In 2022-2023 the Partnership is chaired by the Ministry of Finance of Cameroon, and vice-chaired by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition of South Africa, and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya.

Role of UNCTAD-ISAR in the Partnership

UNCTAD-ISAR, the original convener of the Partnership, will continue to provide support as follows:

  1. Opening opportunities in its forums to listen to the challenges and needs of the region in terms of sustainability reports, as well as to monitor achievements and progress.
  2. Opening opportunities to participate in forums with other regions of the world, that allow sharing experiences in terms of sustainability reports.
  3. Inviting the members of the Partnerships to capacity-building workshops on sustainability reports, as well as making available its materials, guidance, and tools.
  4. Assisting in the identification of technical assistance needs.

Joining the Partnership

Joining the Partnership does not involve any legal or financial obligations.

The Partnership is open to:

  • Regulators responsible for sustainability reporting
  • National financial reporting standard setter
  • Government entities in charge of the implementation of the SDGs
  • Professional accountancy association
  • Auditing organizations
  • Stock exchanges
  • Academia etc.

Every country can be represented by up to 5 national entities. International organizations and regional leaders in sustainability reporting can join as observers. Individuals or private companies are restricted to become official members of the Partnership.

National entities interested in joining the Regional Partnership are requested to apply by writing to the Partnership’s Executive Committee. The letter must be signed by a senior representative of the organisation and sent to:;;;;

Download the Template letter to join the ARP.



The partnership has been signed by 58 members representing 29 countries.

Membership of the African Regional Partnership for Sustainability and SDG Reporting (ARP)