10th Meeting of the UNCTAD Advisory Group on: Innovation Knowledge for Inclusive and Sustainable Development: Transferring Knowledge through Technology

22 October 2015
09:00 - 18:00 hrs. Room XXVII
, Switzerland

The UNCTAD Advisory Group on Strengthening Training Capacity and Human Resource Development was established in 2002, following a recommendation endorsed by the 38th session of UNCTAD’s Working Party on the Medium-Term Plan and the Programme Budget in 2001.

The Advisory Group’s objectives are:

  • • to examine the evolution of UNCTAD’s training and capacity building activities in order to determine elements that need to be strengthened, developed, or modified in the context of the organization’s strategy;
  • • to put forth proposals to enhance the work carried out by UNCTAD in this area and increase its access to financial resources required for the development of technical cooperation projects in the field of training and capacity building.

The 2015 Advisory Group includes international organisations (IFRC, IRU, ITC, OCHA, OHCHR, UNCTAD, UNOG, UNOG, WIPO, WTO), private sector players (Google, Nestlé) as well as academia (EPFL, Dakar University) and provides a forum to discuss and identify best practices, platforms, processes and solutions that are relevant to UN agencies in the areas of training and e-Learning, and the development of academies and training institutions.

During its 10th meeting, the Advisory Group will look into solutions for development in the areas of Big Data and Analytics, capacity building, and knowledge sharing, and address the following specific questions:

  • •How can we leverage big data for knowledge development?
  • •How do big data and analytics fit into Capacity Building within the context of UN entities and other international institutions?
  • •How can Big Data help to setup and contribute to E-learning and career path development?
  • • Can Big Data reveal insights on change in human well-being, real time trends on population behaviour or perceptions related to sustainable development issues?
  • •Where should United Nations Agencies focus on regarding Big Data /Analytics, HR and career planning?

•Will Big Data create a new rift or new opportunity for developing countries?

•Is Big Data the next quantum leap?


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07 Oct 2015
07 Oct 2015

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