10th Quarterly Meeting for Reform Tracker Country Administrators – Presentation of the new version of the Reform Tracker

18 July 2024
15:00 - 16:30 hrs. (CET)

UNCTAD Reform Tracker for National Trade Facilitation Committees* (NTFCs) is currently being implemented in 27 countries across three continents. Leveraging observations from in-country interventions, at the end of 2023, UNCTAD consulted users in an evaluation campaign on the Reform Tracker and its functionalities, with positive results leading to an overall upgrade of the tool. The main changes include a fresh design prioritizing user-friendliness, a flexible planning approach for creating multiple clusters of reforms with controlled access rights, a new M&E functionality for tracking progress with key performance indicators, a dedicated NTFC website section and resource page, and the ability for users to mark reforms as favorites. 

These new features as well as a timeline for deployment into the different countries will be presented at the meeting. This is the 10th quarterly meeting for Reform Tracker Country Managers to share best practices and lessons learned.


Country: • Bolivia • Botswana • Burundi • Cambodia • Dominica • Ecuador • Egypt • Eswatini • Grenada • Honduras • Kenya • Lesotho • Madagascar • Malawi • Mongolia • Namibia • Peru • Rwanda • Saint Lucia • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • São-Tomé e Principe • Tanzania • The Phillipines • Timor-Leste • Uganda • Zambia • Zimbabwe

Sponsor / funding:
The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland acting through HM Revenue and Customs

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