3rd International Convention on Sustainable Trade and Standards (ICSTS)

02 - 03 November 2023
Pullman Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi
, India

Jointly organized by the Quality Council of India and the UNFSS*, the 3rd International Convention on Sustainable Trade and Standards aims to bring together experts and practitioners to discuss innovative ideas, best practices, policies and underlying themes for highlighting the pivotal role played by sustainability standards as an enabler for sustainable development. This event will foster discussions on the drivers that will help in improving sustainability and effectively integrating Indian businesses in global value chains.



  1. Global Knowledge Sharing: Presentation of learnings from stakeholders across the globe to emphasize the pivotal role of organizations in fortifying global sustainability governance through tools like Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS).
  2. VSS Progress Evaluation: An assessment of the present VSS status globally and its future trajectory across various sectors and regions.
  3. Strengthening Regional Cooperation: Discussion on harnessing existing frameworks to bolster regional collaboration in the context of VSS.
  4. Scheme Owners’ Engagement: Interaction with scheme owners to glean insights into the principles steering industry/NGO-driven VSS.
  5. Corporate Governance Integration: Exploring how corporate governance can integrate with public policy instruments.
  6. VSS and GVCs: Understanding the role of VSS in guiding environmental and social facets in Global Value Chains (GVCs).
  7. Enhancing Quality Ecosystem: Positioning VSS as the rudder to navigate and enhance the quality ecosystem.


*The United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards (UNFSS) is a forum of 6 UN agencies- ITC, FAO, UNEP, UNIDO, UNCTAD, and UNECE, with UNCTAD as the secretariat.

Quality Council of India (QCI)

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