Capacity building workshop on domestic resource mobilization and Illicit Financial Flows in Zambia

15 - 18 March 2022
Online and Neelkanth Sarovar Hotel, Lusaka

Illicit financial flows from Africa are large and growing. The export of valuable natural resources is often a main source of these flows, which are not only a drain on domestic financial resources needed for sustainable development but also undermine the state and good governance.

In this framework the UN Development Account projects on Integrated National Financing Frameworks (DA-INFF) and Statistical Measurement of Illicit Financial Flows (DA-IFF) aim to address the link between domestic resources and illicit financial flows, and how to best measure these flows.

The capacity building workshop aims at equipping national stakeholders with the statistical skills necessary to measure SDG 16.4 "Inward and outward illicit financial flows" and assess the impact of illicit financial flows on the government budget, the economy and society. Besides the statistical measurement of SDG indicator 16.4, the workshop aims at providing national stakeholders with an overview of data, algorithms, tools and software to combat illicit financial flows linked to the report of extractive commodities.

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04 Mar 2022
UNCTAD Policy Brief No. 87
(UNCTAD/PRESS/PB/2021/5) -  10 Aug 2021
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UN Development Account

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