Strengthening services trade policy-making for Africa's integration into regional value chains in support of the 2030 Agenda

Why this project?

Integration into higher value-added activities of global and regional value chains is crucial for development outcomes and realizing the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Services are essential in this endeavour owing to their ability to stimulate trade and to provide comparatively high value addition. Connecting and integrating into value chains is, however, demanding. A major challenge is to understand how these value chains operate, to measure them and design policies to support a higher degree of integration.

UNCTAD and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) joined forces to support African countries in this regard. Through this project, UNCTAD and UNECA provide support to strengthen the capacities of national and regional policymakers and stakeholders to measure and analyze value chains and design services policies aimed at enabling higher integration into global and regional value chains.

To stimulate knowledge sharing across countries, lessons learned and best practices identified will be disseminated through Regional Economic Communities and an online knowledge sharing platform.

The project targets three services sectors that are critical for enabling trade and fostering inclusiveness, in particular in relation to women and youth, namely: infrastructure services (transport and energy), financial services and tourism services.


What the project offers (activities)

  • Train-the-trainers seminars on measuring and analyzing global and regional value chains
  • Analysis of selected regional value chains
  • Multi-stakeholder workshop to share experiences of value chain analysis
  • Contribution to evidence-based services trade policies
  • Online knowledge-sharing platform on regional value chain analysis
  • Guidebook on the experiences, lessons learned and best practices of services value chain analysis

Project Code





United Nations Development Account


Ethiopia, Gambia, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Togo
Together with their respective Regional Economic Communities 





Junior Davis (Mr.)
Head, Policy Analysis and Research Branch
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Ali Yedan (Mr.)
Associate Economic Affairs Officer, Africa Section
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Rostand Ngadjie Siani (Mr.)
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Laura Paez (Ms.)
Chief, Investment Policy Section
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