Dissemination of the voluntary peer review of competition law and policy: Malawi, and follow-up technical assistance project proposal

21 - 24 November 2022
, Malawi

Malawi undertook the UNCTAD Voluntary Peer Review Process in 2021. UNCTAD Peer Review for Malawi was a scrutiny by its peers of the competition law and policy, its institutional arrangements and effectiveness in competition law enforcement. The Peer review process contains 3 phases: (i) preparation of the peer review report; (ii) examination during the annual session of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Competition Law and Policy; and (iii) a dissemination event and follow-up technical assistance project proposal.

In this regard, UNCTAD and the Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) of Malawi organize this dissemination event. The objective to present the findings of the peer review and inform all stakeholders on the peer review process and its follow-up, including the implementation of the recommendations of the report. 

Event programme:
Day 1: Advocacy/Dissemination Event with all stakeholders to present the PR report, the process, and technical 
            assistance project proposal.
Day 2: Capacity Building Training for Staff of the Commission 
Day 3: Bilateral meetings with Ministry Officials and other Government institutions and business community.
Day 4: Bilateral Meetings with development partners and the UN Resident Coordinator (morning); Review Meeting 
             between UNCTAD and CFTC and mission wrap-up (afternoon).  

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(UNCTAD/DITC/CLP/2021/1) -  16 Jun 2021

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