High-level consultative meeting with Lao PDR on ASEAN LDC project and preliminary findings on the main challenges of Lao PDR on E-commerce negotiation

12 May 2022
09:30 - 11:30 hrs. Online

UNCTAD is conducting the ASEAN LDC Project “A new trade policy and strategy for ASEAN least developed countries” with the objective of providing technical assistance to design an articulated and coordinated trade policy jointly with the ASEAN LDCs’ Ministries of Commerce and other relevant government institutions.

In this high-level consultative meeting, DG Saysana reconfirmed the support of Lao PDR government on the ASEAN LDC Project and highlighted the crucial role of the Project especially on the technical assistance. UNCTAD and Lao PDR agreed on a series of priorities for the remaining time of the Project implementation to focus especially RCEP implementation. Other issues that were highlighted are as follows: e-commerce challenges, SPS issues, LDC Graduation, and New FTAs.

UNCTAD will work together with the Asian Development Bank to conduct a national workshop on the RCEP implementation, inviting the private sector to discuss the benefits of RCEP.

Prof. Henry Gao shared the preliminary findings on the main challenges and opportunities for Lao PDR in e-commerce negotiations. Lao PDR shared their main concerns and challenges. These feedbacks are going to be used in refining the draft policy brief to tailor it to the needs of Lao PDR.

Workshop for ASEAN least developed countries

The meeting was attended with 11 participants, 4 of which are females.

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