Short online course: Trade and the blue economy: Caribbean case studies

Short online course: Trade and the blue economy: Caribbean case studies
27 February - 01 March 2023
8–11 am (EST); 9 am–noon (AST); 1–4 pm (GMT); 2–5 pm (CET)

This 3-day virtual course will explore the origins of the Blue Economy, and how it is regulated under international, regional and national governance frameworks, with a particular emphasis on how the trade context affects and is affected by the Blue Economy Agenda. Using case studies, it will also consider how the blue economy and its sustainable development has been and is best integrated into national and regional development plans, identifying best practice and ultimately exploring how best the Blue Economy can yield opportunities and benefits to small island development states, like those of CARICOM.

Content and Goals of the Course

  • Promote an understanding of the Blue Economy, scientific principles, its management, conservation, and protection;
  • Facilitate understanding of the origins of the Blue Economy, including links to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and recent developments at the global level on the Oceans Economy;
  • Examine the relevant legal and governance frameworks regulating the Blue Economy;
  • Facilitate the exploration of the linkages between the Blue Economy and trade negotiations and trade rules;
  • Foster participants’ appreciation of opportunities provided for developing countries to sustainably develop the Blue Economy;
  • Using case studies from the Caribbean region, foster participants’ appreciation of the commercial and business opportunities to sustainably develop the Blue Economy and share in its resources.

Mode of Delivery
Synchronous/Online; in-class questions and interactive discussions

Target Audience
Policymakers, government employees, practitioners, project developers, technical staff, and academics in the Eastern Caribbean; but open to all countries

Certificate of attendance (min. 90% attendance).

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10 Feb 2023
27 Feb 2023
UNCTAD; The University of West Indies; Shridath Ramphal Centre; International Trade Law, Policy and Services; Newcastle University; United Nations Development Programme; FAO; UNEP; Joint SDG Fund; United Nations Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean

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Mr. Jan Yves Remy
Director/MITP Co-ordinator, SRC
Chair for Barbados (UWI), WTO Chairs Programme

Mr. Jan Hoffmann
Head, Trade Logistics Branch,
Division on Technology and Logistics

Ms. Claudia Contreras
Economic Affairs Officer
Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Branch
Division on International Trade and Commodities