Commodity prices decline throughout 2014

08 April 2015

The 'All Groups' commodity price index for 2014 fell by 6.1% compared with the 2013 annual average, reflecting the general downward trend in commodity prices.




Price indices - All Groups

(current US dollars, 2000=100)

Statistics at a glance_April 2015_chart1.png
Source:  UNCTADStat


Most commodity group price indices dropped in 2014: Agricultural raw materials (ARM) by 9.9%; minerals, ores and metals by 8.5%, food by 5.9%, and vegetable oilseeds and oils by 5.8%. Only Tropical beverages bucked the downward trend, increasing in price by 23.5% compared with the 2013 annual average.


Statistics at a glance_April 2015_chart2.png
Source:  UNCTADStat


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