Eminent persons make far reaching recommendations for UNCTAD

08 June 2006

The third meeting of the Panel of Eminent Persons on "Enhancing the Development Role and Impact of UNCTAD" took place in Helsinki, from 7-8 June 2006. The meeting was hosted by the Finnish President, H.E. Mrs. Tarja Halonen.

The panel discussed what would be the core focus of their report and agreed on the recommendations they would make to UNCTAD´s Secretary General, Supachai Panitchpakdi.

The final report will consist of three chapters:

  1. UNCTAD´s raison d´être and the case for development

  2. Strategic positioning and partnerships within and outside the UN system

  3. Improving the work of UNCTAD´s three pillars - research and policy analysis, consensus building and technical cooperation.

The report will contain 21 recommendations, some concerning the broader UN reform process.

The chair of the panel H.E Mr. F. Cardoso will present the report to member States in Geneva towards the end of June. The Panel also expressed its willingness to make further contributions to UNCTAD´s future work if requested.