Innovation in sanitation matters - here's why

13 March 2019

Written by:Huda Elasaad, Chief Technology Officer, change:WATER Labs

Why science, technology, innovation matters and what 'eureka moment' made you choose a STEM career?

At my very first job as a water process engineer at a sewage treatment plant, a women's restroom on site was hard to come by, ironically!

I never realized how important it was to get more women in STEM careers until that moment.

My work is now focused on giving everyone who needs a toilet a dignified, safe place to go, especially for women. When girls don't drop out of school due to a lack of safe sanitation, they have the opportunity to learn, excel and change the world.

Innovation matters, and in the world of global sanitation and public health, it's long overdue.

Share a career anecdote and message about how they would like to see the world change as a result of workplace gender parity.

Seeing more women in STEM careers wouldn't just be nice, it's absolutely necessary!

The world has a whole lot of problems to solve and the world needs everyone to be a problem-solver.

Huda Elasaad
Huda Elasaad, Chief Technology Officer, change:WATER Labs

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