Women in STEM: Changing the narrative

Women have been left out of much more than innovation, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers, yet these are the sectors that imagine, design, build and code our future.

Unless we get more women working on technology and innovation, men will define how we communicate, work, produce food, provide health care and educate. It's high-time that we change the narrative on women in STEM careers.

One way to do this is to showcase women role models in STEM and innovation fields. So that's what we've done!

UNCTAD asked the incredible everyday innovators, engineers, change-makers and disruptors in their fields to tell their stories so that others may follow in their footsteps.

We asked them:

Why science, technology, innovation matters and what 'eureka moment' made you choose a STEM career?

We also asked them to:

Share a career anecdote and message about how they would like to see the world change as a result of workplace gender parity.

Women in STEM