Using science to unlock the magic around us and get 'molecular'

12 March 2019

Written byRana Dajani, Associate Professor of Biology and Biotechnology at the Hashemite University in Jordan

Why science, technology, innovation matters and what ‘eureka moment’ made you choose a STEM career?

As human beings we evolved to be curious. It is instrumental to our survival. Our curiosity leads us to discover the world around us to unlock the magic of nature. The knowledge we gain, or “science”, allows us to understand nature and to live in harmony with it. Technology is a product of science. Technology allows us to harness nature to create a better life for all living things. The challenges we face require innovative solutions to create a better life and maintain balance and harmony with nature.

To comprehend and understand nature is a wonderful experience. Utilizing that knowledge to make a better life for all living things in the universe is fulfilling and a duty. Thinking in creative ways to solve the challenges we face gives us a sense of achievement and happiness.

Through science, technology and innovation we can unlock the magic around us in nature and use it to create better lives for all living things in the universe.

Growing up I read about pioneers and discoveries in science and exploration. I also had daily late night discussions with my father about various issues around science and life. A sense of awe and thrill would overcome me whenever I came to a new understanding of a new concept.

Rana Dajani
Rita Hauser Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, USA; Associate Professor Molecular Cell Biology Hashemite University, Jordan; and Founder of We Love Reading

These experiences motivated and inspired me to want to be an explorer and pioneer at the level of molecules to get to feel that feeling again and again, however difficult the path was….

The feeling made the journey all the sweeter. To me science is a life, not a career. It is a journey that never ends. I hope to discover more questions and new answers to help humanity and make this world a better place.

Share a career anecdote and message about how they would like to see the world change as a result of workplace gender parity.

A society where all humans in all their diversity would have the freedom to find their passion and opportunity and trust to pursue that passion. In this way everyone would be able to explore their full potential, excel, be happy and together make the world a better place.







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