Korean experts present innovative e-government solution

04 May 2012

​Offering standardization and reusability, “eGovFrame” brings increased benefits to citizens and improves government ICT investment efficiency. It will be featured in the coming Information Economy Report 2012.

​A delegation from the National Information Society Agency of the Republic of Korea visited UNCTAD on 25 April 2012. During the visit they took the opportunity to present to UNCTAD experts their “e-Government Standard Framework” known as “eGovFrame.”

By introducing standardization and flexibility, “eGovFrame” aims to increase the efficiency of a country’s government ICT investment, all the while improving the quality of e-government services offered to the citizens.

The advantages of the framework start with its conceptual approach - it is an open-source platform comprising a standardized set of software tools for developing and running e-government applications. As a consequence, the applications developed on the platform, while highly customizable, remain reusable and interoperable.
The use of “eGovFrame” should be combined with investment in training small and medium-sized software companies to become familiarized with its advantages, so as to start developing applications with it and offering associated software services.
With this project, the Republic of Korea has emerged as one of the world’s leading providers of e-government and m-government (standing for “mobile government”) solutions. Some of these have already been adopted in a number of other countries.

“eGovFrame” will be featured in the Information Economy Report 2012, in the context of the growing importance of the software industry for spurring growth in developing countries. The Report builds on earlier UNCTAD work on the promotion of the ICT sector in general and the software industry in particular.

UNCTAD’s work on the information economy has been benefiting from the support from the Government of the Republic of Korea since 2011.