Results of Voluntary Peer Review presented to Namibian competition community

02 March 2015

​Namibian competition law enforcement was assessed during the dissemination event for the Voluntary Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy in Namibia that was organized by UNCTAD in collaboration with the Namibia Competition Commission.

The event, which gathered stakeholders from government ministries, the business community, the media, sector regulators, academia and consumer organizations, provided a forum to present the results of the peer review, including the Report and the technical assistance project proposal, in Windhoek on 17 February 2015.

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Tjekero Tweya, was the guest of honour during the dissemination event for the Voluntary Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy in Namibia.

This collaboration between UNCTAD and the Namibia Competition Commission aimed to create awareness amongst relevant stakeholders of the results of the voluntary peer review, which took place in July 2014 in Geneva, during the 14th session of the Intergovernmental Meeting (IGE).

The event also provided the participants, including donors, with an opportunity to understand the UNCTAD peer review process and to seek clarification on various issues. A session dedicated to various elements of knowledge management systems was delivered, with examples from the South African Competition Commission.

The Namibia Competition Commission presented the implementation plan of the Peer Review recommendations, which fits into its overall strategic planning framework "Smart enforcement, smart advocacy and smart research" to be launched before June 2015.

The event also provided participants with an opportunity to discuss various competition issues relevant to the economic situation in Namibia in two round tables discussions on:

  1. The intersection and complementarities of competition policy and consumer protection

  2. Strengthening cooperation between different government bodies to improve competition enforcement in Namibia.

The event was addressed by experts from South Africa, Zimbabwe and UNCTAD, who brought a wealth of experience on competition enforcement issues.

Back to back with the dissemination event, and benefiting from the presence of the experts, a day's training for the staff of the Namibia Competition Commission was held on 18 February.

The issues covered included market definition in merger and restrictive business practices cases, competition advocacy and knowledge management.