National Green Export Review of Angola - Baseline Report

This baseline report evaluates green sectors already in place in the Republic of Angola and works as a background document and a step-by-step guideline to support discussions at national level with local stakeholders. Evaluation and identification of sectors will take place initially using a Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) analysis of green sectors with expansion potential in Angola.

In short, the baseline report aims to present a panorama of key issues related to local green sectors, with attention given to enhancing their regulatory, institutional and traderelated performance. As such, the baseline report operates as a supporting document for discussion among local stakeholders on strategic approaches to further the development of Angola’s green products and services and their related sectors based on a collaborative, inter-sectoral, and strategic approach.

It is important to mention that selected sectors covered in this baseline report include those sectors in which Angola has already achieved considerable experience, but further growth can be achieved.

The intention is to use them as stepping-stones to prepare national consultant(s) and to promote local stakeholder workshops, which will serve as training activities and canvass a wide spectrum of viewpoints by collaboratively identifying and selecting new options of green products and services for Angola and develop sectoral action plans. In addition, they guarantee that this inter-sectoral forum will undertake follow-up measures for further implementation of the NGER process with UNCTAD’s support.

23 Oct 2018