Urban expansion, an entrepreneur's playground

The New Frontier in Entrepreneurship, Issue No. 1

Today, around 56% of the global population resides in cities. Many cities around the world are struggling to meet the needs of the masses, such as increased demand for quality jobs, affordable housing, well-connected transport systems and other basic infrastructure services.

This makes cities a fertile ground for entrepreneurs who bring along innovation, job creation opportunities and delivery of products and services through new business models and technology platforms; all of which contributing to the future of a city.

Urbanpreneurs use business solutions and creative problem-solving to address social and economic challenges that can help shape modern and successful cities.

This paper presents ways in which entrepreneurial activity develops synergistically with the growth of cities and helps address the social and environmental challenges associated with rapid urbanization through innovative business solutions.

It does so by providing concrete examples of start-ups and small businesses that have developed organically within their urban environment.

The purpose is to inspire more business-led solutions for resilient and sustainable cities of the future.

Urban expansion, an entrepreneur's playground - The New Frontier in Entrepreneurship, Issue No. 1  (UNCTAD/DIAE/INF/2022/1)
31 Oct 2022
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