Vulnerability Profile of Angola

This vulnerability profile provides an assessment of historical and current progress to structurally transform the economy, and the policy measures being taken to insulate it from further shocks.

The assessment also identifies major, relevant future issues for Angola, including the challenges and opportunities during the transition period and beyond graduation, as well as the possible policy gaps to be addressed.

The analysis is structured around the following four areas:

  1. A situation analysis providing an overview of the macroeconomy and recent developments in the economy.
  2. Identification of areas of vulnerability based on the five Ps drawn from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership).
  3. Evaluation of the effects of the identified vulnerabilities.
  4. Providing a review of the coherence between the country’s trade and development policies, and offering recommendations for further policy development.

The study is based largely on a descriptive analysis with a backward focus up to the latest available data (2018-2021). More rigorous methods are adapted in selected cases when data permits.

The rest of the report is structured as follows.

Section B provides an overview of the Angolan economy and the country’s footprint in the Africa regional context.

Section C discusses the areas of vulnerability using the conceptual framework outlined above.

Section D explains the implications and linkages of the identified vulnerabilities.

Section E concludes the report with some recommendations.

Vulnerability Profile of Angola (UNCTAD/ALDC/VP/INF/2023/6)
15 Feb 2023