unctad.org | NTM Week 2018 - Shaping Sustainable Trade amid Protectionism
NTM Week 2018 - Shaping Sustainable Trade amid Protectionism
09 - 11 October 2018
Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

Regulatory and non-regulatory measures have become more salient in international trade. Increasingly used for trade and non-trade objectives, they impact all areas of our lives: social, environmental and economic.

NTM Week 2018 will provide a platform for policymakers, practitioners and researchers to discuss cutting-edge issues surrounding the impact of non-tariff measures (NTMs), including voluntary sustainability standards (VSS), on international trade and sustainable development. Together, they will consider ways of “Shaping Sustainable Trade amid Protectionism”.

Sessions will discuss the role and impact of:

  • National and regional regulatory coherence and cooperation

  • Channels connecting VSS to trade

  • International standard-setting bodies

  • Data innovations

  • Research advances

  • Classification of NTMs and MAST group

  • Transparency in trade regulations

NTM Week 2018



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Mr. Ralf Peters, Ralf.Peters@un.org Telephone: +41 22 91 75680,
Ms. Miho Shirotori, Miho.Shirotori@un.org Telephone: +41 22 91 75556,
Ms. Chi Le Ngo, Chile.Ngo@un.org Telephone: +41 22 91 75566,
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