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Expert Meeting on Assessing Stakeholders' Preparedness to Voluntary Sustainability Standards
28 March 2019
09:45-16:30hr, Room Concordia 5, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

Participate in UNCTAD's expert meeting to brainstorm improvements of the VSS Assessment Toolkit 

The ongoing UNCTAD Project “Fostering the development of green exports through Voluntary Sustainability Standards in Asia and the Pacific” has developed a VSS Assessment Toolkit. The aim of this toolkit is to help users systematically collect data and assess preparedness of different stakeholders towards adopting a VSS in specific agricultural value chains.

Between March and December 2018, the VSS Assessment Toolkit was deployed in three country studies that assessed the preparedness of various stakeholders towards organic certification of coconut oil (in the Philippines and Vanuatu) and coffee (in Lao PDR). The three pilot cases helped UNCTAD identify the areas of the Assessment Toolkit that require improvement before it is made available on line.

The objective of the meeting is to present the Toolkit to leading experts and receive their feedback for improving viability and usefulness of the Toolkit to possible users. Major issues for discussion are the content and methodology, the usefulness, applicability, and modes of dissemination of the toolkit. Some questions that can be discussed during the ad-hoc expert meeting are: 

  • Can this toolkit be made applicable to sectors other than agricultural commodities, e.g. garments, leather, electronics and service?

  • Are the key SDGs well captured in the toolkit? What other metrics would it be useful to add or modify?

  • Are there similar efforts, or initiatives that overlap with this toolkit? If so, can this toolkit complement other existing evaluation tools? 

  • How can this assessment toolkit best contribute to countries’ monitoring of the SDGs, e.g. as an input to the Voluntary National Review of the SDGs?



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Ms. Miho Shirotori. E-mail: miho.shirotori@unctad.org, Telephone: +41 22 91 75556
Ms. Cecilia Heuser. E-mail; Cecilia.heuser@unctad.org. Telephone: +41 22 91 76507
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