Technical cooperation: Operational activities for development
 The policy orientation as well as the focus of UNCTAD´s technical assistance activities were first conceptualized over the period 1990-1994 within the context of an intersectoral research project.
The findings of this forward-looking project remain more relevant than ever, and are met with growing resonance in the evolving debate on the pre-requisites for the sustained development of the Palestinian economy under and after occupation.
UNCTAD technical assistance to the Palestinian people has since evolved into a multifaceted programme that seeks to bolster Palestinian development and institution-building efforts. Drawing on the experience of the secretariat as a whole, programme activities are tailored to support the achievement of national development objectives within four clusters:
Since late 2000, the programme has been geared to addressing the harsh economic realities generated by the intensification of the Israeli restrictive measures and closure policy, within the context of a dynamic approach that links interventions targeting immediate needs to strategic, long-term development objectives. Interventions focus on fostering the economy´s resilience in the face of the widespread economic crisis, and seek as their ultimate objective to accumulate development gains, no matter how modest, through creating the required institutional and productive capacities for sustained economic growth.
To date, UNCTAD´s operational activities of assistance to the Palestinian people have included 25 technical cooperation projects/activities in response to requests by the Palestinian Authority and civil society institutions.
The projects have been implemented in close cooperation with relevant national and international institutions, with financial support from the donor community in the form of extrabudgetary resources.

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