Research, Analysis and Publications

UNCTAD-APPU research and analysis work involves quantitative and qualitative analysis, including review of development experiences elsewhere, in search of innovative solutions to the distinct problems facing the Palestinian economy.

This area of work is carried out in tandem with technical assistance activities, which are deployed to ensure responsiveness to emerging economic realities and to promote consensus among the different stakeholders on pertinent issues.

To date, the secretariat has produced over 50 policy papers on the Palestinian economy´s development prospects. The secretariat also carries out a regular assessment of the Palestinian economy´s performance, within the context of its annual report to the Trade and Development Board.

Research activities cover a wide range of topics and issues that fall within the core competencies of the secretariat, including:

  • Options for expanding Palestinian economic policymaking space
  • An integrated simulation framework for Palestinian macroeconomic, trade and labour policy
  • Approaches to linking relief to development
  • Enhancing aid effectiveness in the occupied Palestinian territory
  • Approaches to integrating the Palestinian economy with regional and global markets
  • Frameworks for diversifying and facilitating Palestinian trade in goods and services
  • Palestinian small and medium-sized enterprises´ dynamics and development prospects
  • Investment retention and promotion

Reports to the Trade and Development Board

Reports to the General Assembly

Studies and technical papers