Executive roundtable on rules of origin: Moving towards convergence?

15 - 17 November 2021
Hybrid (Online and European University Institute)
, Italy

The roundtable of experts on rules of origin is an annual event and forum to discuss groundbreaking initiatives and emerging issues on rules of origin and their administration.

Participants at the roundtable are experts from international organizations such as the European Commission, practitioners, and private firms such as Deloitte, Nestlé, Barilla, and Fonterra.

The roundtable aims to bring together these actors to discuss the emerging issues of rules of origin in an informal setting. The topics discussed at the roundtable are related to emerging issues and challenges on rules of origin, practical tools to comply with rules of origin, testimonial from firms, and results from research, with the ultimate objective to shed light on best practices and identify solutions to present challenges on rules of origin.

The theme for this year’s roundtable is "Moving towards convergence of rules of origin".

European University Institute

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