Second online training workshop on consumer dispute resolution for Indonesia and Thailand

22 - 24 March 2022
From 7 to 10 a.m. Geneva time / 1 to 4 p.m. Bangkok and Jakarta time

The technology of consumer online dispute resolution systems

The UNCTAD DODR Project aims to be the first step towards the implementation of online dispute resolution (ODR) for consumers in Indonesia and Thailand. It assesses beneficiaries’ needs, benchmarks international best practices, strengthens local capacities and uses emerging technologies like block chain and artificial intelligence to leapfrog development stages and deliver ODR. 

The DODR project is organizing its second online training workshop on consumer dispute resolution for Indonesia and Thailand. The purpose of this training workshop is to lay the foundation of knowledge that will allow beneficiary countries to contribute to the design of the consumer ODR system that best suits their reality.  

The United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection (General Assembly resolution 70/186 of 22 December 2015) call for fair, effective, transparent and impartial mechanism to address consumer complaints, including for cross-border cases, and require online consumers shall be provided no less protection than the one in other commercial forms.

ODR is an effective mechanism to provide consumer access to justice and redress for resolving disputes facilitated by the use of electronic communications and other information and communications technology. ODR has been on the rise as a mean to boost consumer trust in electronic commerce, including cross-border commerce.

A solid grounding in the different technologies applied to consumer ODR systems, together with a deeper knowledge on technology related policies for this specific use, will help the participants identify the best technologies in different contexts.

Objectives of the second training workshop: 
•    To expand the knowledge on emerging technologies uses and how they could be applied to CODR.
•    To understand potential of implementing emerging technologies in the provision of e-services by Governments. 
•    To compare the use of technologies in different CODR systems. Identify its advantages, challenges and latest developments.
•    To identify which emerging technologies can facilitate and automatize certain stages on CODR systems and how.
•    To identify technical and technological needs and gaps in beneficiary countries for delivering ODR for consumers.

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23 Sep 2022
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